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Adopting Open Communication in the Workplace During the Pandemic

William D. Jones

· Pandemic

Presently a self-employed practitioner, William D. Jones, MD, from Oklahoma City, OK, has more than 20 years of clinical experience in occupational and preventive medicine in different organizations. With his extensive years in the field in the state of Oklahoma (OK), William D. Jones, MD, understands the importance of effective communication in an organization to overall workers’ well-being, especially during the pandemic.

During normal times, effective communication between employers and employees is essential. The pandemic, however, makes it a critical cog to an organization’s effective running. Many employees are working from home, and some may have lost or are attending to ailing loved ones or face loneliness and isolation. For starters, maintain or adopt an open door policy communication-wise to maintain valuable connections.

Business leaders should ensure that managers undertake scheduled check-ins with their team members on work deliverables and general well-being, including existing challenges. Also, managers should clearly define the employees’ job descriptions. Clear roles and responsibilities allow managers to tweak their traditional work deliverables and accommodate other commitments such as family.

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