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An Overview of COVID-19 Cases in Oklahoma

William D. Jones

· COVID-19

Based in Oklahoma City, OK, William D. Jones, MD, is a medical doctor specializing in occupational and preventive medicine. He has provided services to patients throughout the Oklahoma City, OK, area since completing his residency in the city. As a medical doctor and secretary and treasurer for the Oklahoma College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, William D. Jones, MD, has closely followed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the state.

Oklahoma ranks 26th in the US in terms of total COVID-19 cases by state, with nearly 460,700 cases reported since the start of the pandemic. The mortality rate in Oklahoma is in line with that of other parts of the country, with the state also placing 26th in terms of total deaths. In total, 7,441 deaths had been reported through July 12.

When looking at cases and deaths per 1 million residents, however, the state jumps to 11th and 21st, respectively. Oklahoma has also fallen behind in terms of tests per 1 million people, placing just 40th in the nation. Mid-January 2021 was the worst period of the pandemic for the state, with new daily cases exceeding 1,000. More recently, health officials have grown concerned about variants that have led to an uptick in hospital admissions, particularly the highly contagious delta variant.

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